The Love of the Run

The Love of the Run

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Special guest Andrew

Training is continuing to go well!   I am continuing to increase my mileage and have been completing some threshold workouts.  Jordan's friend Andrew ran with us last week before we left for Rochester New York for a few days for Thanksgiving.   Jordan and I did a 30 minute tempo run while Andrew did some easy light running.   I felt great.   My tempo was 10 seconds faster per mile than last week. I haven't had anyone consistent to run and train with since college. Having a consistent training partner is incredible! 

We also had an unexpected special guest on the run.  The highlight of this run was a man wearing a big backpack running easy on the path.  When we passed him we were into the tempo portion of the run.  To my surprise as we passed him he started running with us (or sprinting for him!).  We were running 5:30 pace at this time.  What is this guy doing I thought???   I figured he'd only last a minute running with us.   The man ran with us at least a mile at this pace and was inches away. I've never had anyone run this close to me, let alone a strange man with a backpack. I didn't really like it! I had a hard time staying focused during this mile as I and kept sneaking peaks behind at the man waiting for him to fade.  After a mile he fatigued and stopped running with us.   I wonder how many 5:30 miles the guy does in a day??!!  With the effort of the back-pack that mile was easily a 5:15.   Kind of impressed honestly...  but I hope we don't run into him again!

I made Andrew try out the tent, he lasted about 5 minutes before stating he was feeling a little light headed.   Little did he know we bumped the tent up to 12000 feet for him. Just kidding Andrew.... you're going to be a beast running now after those 5 minutes of exposure...