The Love of the Run

The Love of the Run

Monday, November 21, 2011


Training the last week went great.  Legs are feeling healthy!  I completed my first long marathon progression to end the week with Jordan helping pace me; it definitely was one of my better workouts of the last few months.  I'm getting excited as I'm getting back into marathon shape!  Weather was great all week for training (tan line great even).  I love exploring the DC running area-- still can't believe how hilly it is here!!   I have been increasing my mileage on the roads/ pavement and have been responding favorable which is something my body wasn't handling a few months ago. Being comfortable and confident running hard on the roads is how I want and plan to enter the trials.

I am obsessed slightly with Sparkling water.   I didn't realize how obsessed until today.   I purchased 4 bottles yesterday at Target around 6 pm, by 3 pm the next day they were gone.   4 + bottles a day x 7 = 28+ a week.    I'm well hydrated.   Actually annoyingly hydrated.   Altitude increases frequency of urination as a side effect.  I already go like 10x a day.  Now 10x a day x 3 for altitude = 30x a day.  Ok not that much.... but close enough.

Tent Update:  I definitely am sleeping better than Colorado in the tent, but in Colorado I really wasn't sleeping at all.  The tent was at 5000 feet the first few nights and now has been increased to 6000 feet.   I slept really well at 5000 feet; actually better than I have in a long time.    Since it's been at 6000 feet, things have been more difficult..

"Expect to have nightmares and disrupted sleep at high altitudes. The brain functions differently in thin air and one result is increased nightmares or odd dreams. You will not sleep soundly at altitude. The best to hope for is rest and some recovery"
Disrupted sleep... check
Nightmares.... check
Odd dreams.... check
Still sleeping at 6000 feet..... check
Hoping.... check

Starting week 2-- First 3 hour run next week since June.  Last week I did a 2.5 hour run.  It actually went well, but I can tell my body isn't used to running longer than 2 hours!